Climate or Non-Climate?

Climate or Non-Climate, that is the question. Most people looking for storage do not know if they need climate or Non-climate storage, yet every facility you call you are asked that question. Hopefully I can give you some insight on this subject.

First you need to know approximately how long you will be storing your goods. The reason for this is quit simply the environment. Second you need to think about what exactly you are storing. Certain items do not need climate control such as lawn equipment and tools. Thirdly it is preference. Some people may want nothing but climate controlled and some people don’t really have a preference either way. Here in Florida the climate can be tricky, it can be very humid and moist or cold and dry. If you are storing long term you will be better off with climate controlled space especially if you are storing wood furniture, upholstered furniture, clothing and electronics. Short term rentals a month, or 2 months non-climate is fine, unless you prefer climate controlled.

Most people think climate controlled means your unit is air conditioned and that is why it is climate controlled. Yes it is air conditioned however we are not controlling the temperature of the building, we are actually controlling the humidity levels. Humidity is what we are concerned with. Humidity is what effects the things you are storing. We keep our climate controlled units at a Knowing this changes the way you think about the question, Climate or Non-Climate?